16 Mar 2018

Quick and Educational Books to read with your kids

I’m always on the lookout for educational fun books to read with my kids and I am absolutely in love with these book series! These are the ‘Who was’, ‘What was’ and ‘Where was’ series. They are educational and fun to read! There are three different topics in the series. There is the ‘Who was’ which are […]

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20 Feb 2018

Easy Schedule to make your Summer Successful

Summer is a tricky time of the year. We all have plans in our heads of campouts, swimming, family time, vacations and 3 months full of fun times! Then the summer quickly passes by and you realize that half the things you wanted to do didn’t happen and summers nemesis shows his ugly head….boredom!! Ugg…how […]

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20 Dec 2016

Christmas Reindeer Activities

Every Christmas Eve, little ones from all over the world are baking up some yummy treats for Santa. But how about his trusty reindeer? My little ones always look forward to making Santa’s reindeer a treat for their long journey flying around the world. A few days before Christmas Eve, we make it an ‘All about Reindeers’ night […]

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14 Apr 2016

Top 10 Action and Adventure Chapter Books

Here’s a list of our top 10 action and adventure chapter books. The 39 Clues Tigers at Twilight   Lightning Thief Hatchet   White Fang Shipwreck Stone Fox The Black Stallion Choose Your Own Adventure Books The Black Cauldron Have you read any of these books?  What’s your favorite action or adventure book?

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4 Feb 2016

Wombat Stew Recipe – Alphabet Summer W

One of my kids favorite things is reading and making Wombat Stew.  The kids absolutely loved this activity!  This recipe was made using ideas from the book Wombat Stew by Marcia K. Vaughn. The book is about a Dingo trying to make stew from a Wombat.  The Wombat’s friends try to help save the Wombat and […]

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12 Jul 2015

5 Tips To Get Your Kids To Read!

The other day, I was looking through Pinterest when I came across this picture. I LOVE that!! Isn’t it the truth? Children learn to become readers through us parents! I love to take a time out of the day to cuddle with my little ones and read a book or two. I’ve been reading to […]

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2 Jun 2015

Sea Life Activities

My kids LOVE the ocean! They can spend the whole day at our local aquarium. Well, let’s be honest, so can I. The sea is so fascinating! It is so vast and full of life! You can spend hours getting caught up in learning about what’s under the deep. I love to learn about these […]

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1 Jun 0201

Summer Activities for Children

I’m always looking for fun summer activities for my children.  Last month when I was in my local library I signed my children up for their Summer Reading Program.  I thought I would share some ideas they gave to me!  They are great summer activities your children are sure to enjoy! Have a family bed time […]

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