4 Jun 2016

DIY Marshmallow Shooter

Want a fun and super quick craft to do with your kiddos? Do a fun DIY marshmallow shooter! It’s super easy, super fast and super fun! What kid doesn’t like a battle outside with their friends? I know mine do but I don’t want them using things that can actually hurt each other.  I also seem to […]

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13 Aug 2015

Elephants Toothpaste Science Experiment

What a fun and easy science experiment to do with your kiddos! I had all of these items in my house already and the kids were more than thrilled to try this out. I doubt elephants really use toothpaste, but the experiment gets its name because when it’s foaming over it looks like a giant […]

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3 May 2015

Shaving Cream Bath Paint

Turn bath time into art time with some easy to make Shaving Cream bath paints! My children love bath time and can spend endless hours swishing and splashing in the water. They love to pretend to be mermaids and pirates and by the time they are done, their little toes and fingers look like raisins. […]

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