Easy Schedule to make your Summer Successful

20 Feb 2018

Summer is a tricky time of the year. We all have plans in our heads of campouts, swimming, family time, vacations and 3 months full of fun times! Then the summer quickly passes by and you realize that half the things you wanted to do didn’t happen and summers nemesis shows his ugly head….boredom!! Ugg…how we hate boredom!!

We believe kids and parents both can love summer! Summer gives us that much-needed break; however, summer can be too long and we start to get burned out. I believe in the motto, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. Sounds almost too rigid but I have found that when I get things planned out and “scheduled”, things get done. This goes with just about everything in life but lets’ talk about summer fun! We want to help you get the most out of your summer! Write down your ideas and plans, that way you won’t forget them. You can call it your summer bucket list and get your kids involved in the planning. Plan events with friends or family. That way you will be motivated to go and do things and your kids will love doing fun things with friends or cousins!

There are several ways to organize and plan out your summer. You can simply write your activities on your calendar, plug them into your phone or have a fun themed calendar that has a basic theme for each day (example below).  I personally do a little of all of the above. I use our ‘Alphabet Summer’ template with specific lists of my weeks. I then place them in a folder so it’s easy for me to rotate through the weeks. If this doesn’t work for you, you can do the themed week calendar instead. Whatever way you choose should help with getting all your summer plans happen! Do whatever works for your family! Also, check out our tip page on our website, it is full of ideas to help with your ABC summer!! http://alphabetsummerkits.com/tips/






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