Kids Summer Activities

2 May 2016

Today starts week three of my kids’ Alphabet Summer!  We have been having a blast and learning a lot along the way as well.  I really have noticed that when I am focused and organized on the kids summer activities more dialog and interaction happens between the kids and me.  And I’m learning new things along with my kids.  So far this summer our kids activities have included learning more about Veterans and Memorial Day, visiting a Temple, Camping and Hiking!  I just read a really cute saying on Pinterest this morning.  It said two things that stuck out to me.  The first said “Life is short, live it!” and the second said “Memories are sweet, cherish them”.  Aren’t those two sayings absolutely true?  So this summer my goal is to live life and cherish the fun memories I make with my kiddos!

Here are a few of the summer activities my kids and I are looking forward to.

  1. Block Party
  2. Movie Theater
  3. Feeding the Ducks
  4. Fishing
  5. Candy Factory Tour
  6. Making Ice Cream
  7. Swimming Lessons
  8. Fourth of July Fun & Fireworks
  9. Hiking to the Y
  10. Aquarium

For more fun ideas check out our Alphabet Summer eBook!  You wont be disappointed!  Now go out and make some memories this summer!

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