Here’s What Our Users are Saying about The Alphabet Summer Kit

Thank you so much for putting together all of these wonderful activities. I’m a mother of four and Alphabet summer is a lifesaver! My oldest is 13 and she loves participating with our activities as well. As a homeschool mom these are the kind of activities we enjoy doing all year long! Can’t wait for summer to start without the worry that my kids will forget the things they’ve learned this year! Thanks a million!

– Debra Butler, Home Schooler

As a Parent Educator for over 30 years now, I understand the value of coming up with fun, creative ways to keep your kids learning. The Alphabet Summer Kit has been a perfect supplement to give to all the parents I work with to give them fun, already planned out activities that help them work with their kids when they’re not in school. My favorite part is that everything’s already planned out, recipes, experiments, etc. This literally saved me (and the parents I work with) hours of work! Thanks again.

– Julia Browning, Parent Educator

“With two small children, it is hard to find summer activities that will both help them learn and help them have a fun time. The Alphabet Summer Guide is a wonderful tool to give parents ideas for ways to fill their summer. The best part is, with so many ideas, you can really choose what will work for your children and your budget.”

– Erin Pulley, Mom of 2