Sea Life Activities

2 Jun 2015

My kids LOVE the ocean! They can spend the whole day at our local aquarium. Well, let’s be honest, so can I. The sea is so fascinating! It is so vast and full of life! You can spend hours getting caught up in learning about what’s under the deep. I love to learn about these types of things but my kids won’t sit through a nature program for very long so here is what we did to learn about the ocean and sea life during the week of the letter S.

Activity: Went to our local aquarium. Be sure to look for discount days or look on your local aquariums website for coupons and activities that might be going on during the summer.


  • The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister (Love the moral of this story!)
  • Miss Smith under the ocean by Michael Garland

Movie:   Finding Nemo by Pixar


  • Octopus Hot Dogs (cut the hot dog lengthwise halfway up to make 8 tentacles, when you boil or cook the dog, the tentacles will curl up making an octopus effect)
  • Goldfish Crackers
  • Veggie Fettuccine alfredo (seaweed with foam)
  • Blue Jello cup with whipped cream and Swedish fish (ocean in a cup)
  • Raging Water Capri Sun or Ocean Spray Grape Juice


Science Activity:  

Will it float or sink?

Fill 2 clear cups with water. Add ¼ cup salt in one of the cups. Stir to dissolve. Grab a light ball and a heavy ball and ask the kids what they think the balls will do. Sink to the bottom or float to the top. Place the light ball in each cup and see what happens. Do the same with the heavier ball. Now try a piece of ivory soap. What happened? Why did it float in fresh water and sink in salt water? Explain that the salt water was heavier than the soap so that’s why it sank. That’s why it’s easier for us to float in salt water than in fresh water.



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