Summer Activities for Children

1 Jun 0201

I’m always looking for fun summer activities for my children.  Last month when I was in my local library I signed my children up for their Summer Reading Program.  I thought I would share some ideas they gave to me!  They are great summer activities your children are sure to enjoy!

  1. Have a family bed time story where the whole family tells or listens to stories.
  2. Have your young child tell you a story–real or imaginary.  Write it down for them.
  3. Share a picture book with a young child, then talk about the story.
  4. Listen to an audio book together–in the car, at home or at the library.
  5. Take turns looking up definitions of funny, long or unusual words.
  6. Call out the words on signs, billboards, cereal boxes, etc., to your young children.
  7. Play board games with your child like ScrabblePictionary, or Chutes and Ladders.
  8. Take your child to a summer library program.
  9. Read aloud a chapter a day from a book your school-age child chooses.
  10. Make star and moon shaped cookies.  Learn a poem about stars or moons.

I hope these 10 summer activities for your children spark your imagination this summer!  Get creative and enjoy your Alphabet Summer!

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