Wombat Stew Recipe – Alphabet Summer W

4 Feb 2016

One of my kids favorite things is reading and making Wombat Stew.  The kids absolutely loved this activity!  This recipe was made using ideas from the book Wombat Stew by Marcia K. Vaughn. The book is about a Dingo trying to make stew from a Wombat.  The Wombat’s friends try to help save the Wombat and trick the Dingo.  You’ll have to read it to find out if they were successful!


In the book all of the ingredients were added to a pot, so you’ll need a big pot. As you read the book you or your kids can add the ingredients to the pot.

  • 2 cups chocolate pudding (mud)
  • ¼ cup feathers (coconut)
  • ¼ cup gumnuts (peanuts or use gumdrops if there are kids with nut allergies)
  • ¼ cup flies (raisins)
  • ¼ cup slugs, bugs and creepy crawlies (gummy worms or bugs)

The last step is the best part!  You get to eat it!



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