Why Alphabet Summer?

Alphabet Summer provides many benefits and here are a few.

  • It provides structure
  • Vocabulary is enhanced
  • Prevents the summer learning slide that sometimes happens
  • Kids practice fine motor and writing skills
  • Spelling and writing gets better
  • Gives parents motivation to get out and play with their child/ren.
  • Keeps the kids entertained
  • Your kids make more friends and they can deepen current friendships
  • It creates opportunities to spend quality time with your child/ren.
  • It helps build a solid foundation for literacy learning
  • You can avoid the summer slump without work books
  • The kids learn more about the world around them
  • You do new things that you never would have otherwise
  • It makes fun family memories
  • It’s FUN!

Here’s what some experts are saying:

Stop the “Summer Learning Slide”

“Research tells us that children and teens who don’t read and write outside of school, especially during long breaks such as summer vacation, face a big loss in their literacy growth compared to those who do continue learning all year long. This means the summer months and other breaks from school offer wonderful opportunities for families, caregivers, and out-of-school educators to help improve reading and writing.” ~ http://www.readwritethink.org

“The research is clear that children who don’t read during the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress and that loss has a cumulative, long-term effect.”  ~http://www.readingrockets.org