Tips For a Successful Alphabet Summer


1. Be flexible! Know that some weeks will work out better than others and that sometimes you have to scratch what you have planned and do something spur of the moment.

2. Start planning early. Save your money, look for coupons, get organized and consider the weather.

3. You do not have to do the letters in alphabetical order. Work the letters into your schedule and around activities going on in your city.

4. The goal is to do the whole alphabet by the end of the summer. That means some weeks you only have 2 letters and other weeks you have 3.

5. Some alphabet days can be big adventures while others you don’t even leave the house for. Try to plan your letters so you don’t have a whole lot of activities outside of the home one week and then none the next. Pair up busy/time consuming & non busy activities. Keep a balance.

6. Don’t limit your ideas. Try something new and maybe you’ll find something your kids will love.

7. Get your family & friends involved. A neighborhood field trip would be a lot of fun. A day with grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles or cousins is also a great idea.

8. Utilize free activities…library, park.

9. Continue to do your family traditions and the things you know your family loves!

10. Don’t overload yourself with too many activities! Customize to the needs of your family.

11. Get a large rubber made tote to store your supplies in. Giant Ziploc bags also keep things organized.

12. Keep a box in the car stocked with drinks, snacks, books, etc

13. Have fun and enjoy the time you spend with your kids learning the alphabet!

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