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STOP Worrying About What You’re Going To Do With Your Kids All Summer Long – We’ve Got the Solution!!!

Once you have purchased and downloaded your kit open it up, locate the free template and grab a calendar. I start by looking over my summer calendar and I look for things I already have planned (dentist appointments, family reunions, concerts, vacations, visitors, birthdays, campouts, etc).

My kids have dentist appointments the week of July 15th. I like to use letter X for that week because they get x-rays on their teeth. So I go to my calendar and write X on the 15th. We have a family campout scheduled for the week of July 8th so I automatically put C for that week. Swimming lessons start June 17th so I put an S for that week. I continue in the same pattern until I’ve filled up all of my weeks with 2-3 letters.

I also pair the easy and less time-consuming letters with the busier letters. I do that so I don’t get extremely overwhelmed and stressed out one week and then feel like I have no reason to leave the house the next.

Once all of my letters have been assigned on my calendar I go back to my amazing Alphabet Summer Kit. I’m starting on the week of May 27th this year so I open my calendar to that page and check the letters assigned that week. I then pull out my handy dandy template and write the week across the top and the two letters in their designated columns.

I then flip to the letter assigned to that week in my alphabet summer kit and start looking at the ideas listed there. I pick out my favorite activities and insert them into my template that is provided in the kit. There is a spot in the template for summer activities, crafts, food ideas, books & movies. The kit also gives you ideas to incorporate nursery rhymes and some physical fitness in as well.

I repeat the same process until I finish with the week of August 12, since our school starts the following week. And you’re done, all organized and ready to paaaarrrtttaay! You can choose how to spread the summer crafts and activities out for the week. You could do a letter Mon-Wed and do the 2nd letter Thu – Sat. Or you could alternate letters every day.

I like to keep my alphabet summer activities in a schedule for the most part. For example: Make & Take Monday (craft day), Traveling Tuesday (get out of the house & do an activity), What to eat Wednesday (bake, cook & try foods that start w/ the letter), Time to Read Thursday (weekly trip to the library, but reading every day is also the goal), Fun Fun Friday (anything that the kids will find fun!) and Slow it down Saturday (something easy breezy).

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