What is Alphabet Summer?

It is any combination of the following you decide to do corresponding with the letters of the week you choose.

  • Project, activity, or adventure

  • Craft

  • Book

  • Movie

  • Food

  • Nursery Rhyme

  • Exercise

The best part of Alphabet summer is that it can be modified to your own family’s wants, income and interests.

What is the Alphabet Summer Kit?

Our Alphabet Summer Kit has tons of ideas for each of the above categories for EVERY letter of the alphabet! From A-Z we have got your summer covered. We suggest you take a look at your calendar and look at things you may have already planned. For the rest of the letters use our Alphabet Summer Kit to give you lots of ideas! Just pick any two letters to do each week and they don’t have to be in alphabetical order.


  • We already have a family reunion planned so I will use either the letter F or R that week.

  • I have a daughter with a birthday in the summer so on that week one of the letters we are using is the first letter of her name.

  • I like to pair “busy/big” letters with not so “busy” ones.

  • X & U are smaller letters with fewer activities and D & S are letters with more time intensive activities.

  • We celebrate the Fourth of July/Independence Day in July so we would use letter F or I that week.

  • In Utah we also celebrate Pioneer Day in July so P is saved for that week.

  • It also gets very hot in the summer in Utah so I am planning my Zoo trip for early in June to avoid the August heat.

  • I schedule the letter X during the week of my kids’ dentist appointment because they always get X-rays there.

  • Memorial Day is the last week of May so we use M for that week or V for Veterans.

  • If you have a Vacation planned for the summer use the letter V for that week.

  • Or if your vacation is in Disneyland use the letter D, Grand Canyon use the letter G, Moab use the letter M, etc.

  • We have swimming lessons in the summer as well and I like to use the letter S for that week.

  • The Dinosaur Museum my kids like offers big discounts on Tuesdays in August so I am planning on the letter D in August.

Preparation is the most important thing to make sure your alphabet summer is a success! We have generated so many ideas for you your first step is taken care of! In order to use all of the letters of the alphabet you must do at least two letters a week starting with the last week of May and ending on the first week of school. You could also do 3 letters a week as well.Doing fun activities themed around the alphabet in the summer is an entertaining and educational way to enjoy time with your child/ren. The Alphabet Summer Kit is great for parents, grandparents, day cares & neighborhood moms alike!For more tips click here!

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